Vera-Ellen Height

Dancing is like breathing-missing a day doing either is very bad.

~ Vera-Ellen

American dancer and actress, Vera-Ellen is remembered for starring in the films On the Town (1949), and White Christmas (1954).

About Vera-Ellen's Height

Vera-Ellen was tall for her time. Here is what she had said about her height:

I am five feet four and I felt great at 96 pounds. When I was dancing I was so light I enjoyed it. Although I was told that I was too thin, I paid no attention to anyone. Then I found out that I had lost a role I wanted very much because the producer preferred an actress with more curves.

5 feet 4 inches for 1950 must be around 5'5" by today's equivalent.

People used to be shorter back in the day in the US and everywhere in the world. The average height of humans is increasing everywhere in the world because of better nutrition. Though we don't even know how tall we will grow...

Anyway, you can say that Vera-Ellen was just as tall as celebrities like Selena Gomez (5'5"), Jennifer Lopez (5'4½"), etc.

The real height of Vera-Ellen was

5 ft 4 in (163 cm)

Vera-Ellen posing in front of a height chart background

I was called a bookish child. Mother sent me to a ballet teacher in Cincinnati when I was nine years old. I guess I was an awkward child and the family wanted me to be graceful. When I found out I liked to dance and people seemed to like to watch me, I was determined to go places.

~ Vera-Ellen