DanTDM Height

Small things sometimes mean a whole lot!

~ DanTDM

Daniel Robert Middleton or better known as DanTDM is a famous YouTuber and gamer known for his video game commentaries.

Everyone seems to agree that DanTDM is a bit short but how short exactly? Most of the websites on the internet list DanTDM's height as only 5'5" and Google lists his height as 5'8".

But after looking at DanTDM next to Jacksepticeye (5'8"), Markiplier (almost 5'9"), PewDiePie (5'9"), and some others, we think most of the internet -- as always has gotten the height of a celebrity wrong.

The real height of DanTDM is

5'6½" or 169 cm

DanTDM standing with Chris Hemsworth and PewDiePie
DanTDM with Chris Hemsworth (6'3" or 191 cm), and PewDiePie (5'9" or 175 cm)

One simply doesn't become as successful as DanTDM has become without doing something right. Here are some of the DanTDM quotes to understand him better:

DanTDM on the best thing about YouTube.

The best thing about YouTube is that anyone can do it, and that's exactly what I did.

DanTDM on the effect of parents' divorce on children.

Divorce is hard enough when you're an adult - never mind when you're a child. That was probably when my shyness started when I was at my shyest.

DanTDM on his family-friendly content.

Keeping it clean is important to me because I'm just aware of my audience. My audience is a younger generation and, just in general, I wouldn't want to show my mom a video of me swearing like crazy. It's good clean fun.

DanTDM on being a visual person.

I'm a very visual person, which is probably why I make videos rather than write scripts.

DanTDM on bullying.

Everyone experiences bullying at some point - there are always older kids who think it's cool to pick on the younger kids.

DanTDM on the fun of bungling it.

Learning a game and doing something wrong is sometimes funnier than being good at it.

DanTDM on the digital world.

We're all trapped in the digital world. It's filled with cat videos, and you have to dodge comments about how much you stink.

DanTDM on lack of competiton on YouTube.

What's cool about YouTube, unlike TV, is that there isn't that competition element. I mean, you could make it into that, as there are obviously numbers involved, but people are free to watch whoever they want.

DanTDM on age limit in YouTube.

I know people that make similar content to me who are 30 or 40 years old. So I don't think there is an age limit to it at all.

DanTDM on the good thing about the online world.

Because the cool thing about media and the online world nowadays is that anyone can do it. Whereas I think through traditional media, if you have something that you want to create, you have to know the right people and get a little bit lucky as well.

DanTDM on pugs.

Pugs are really great dogs to have as they are such loyal, funny companions.

DanTDM on the importance of having fun while creating a video.

I just think it's so important to have fun because if you're having fun, then your viewers will have fun too.

DanTDM on his kids friendly content.

So I do make a real effort that all of my videos are things that, if I had kids, I wouldn't mind them watching.

The internet remembers.

If you put something online, it's essentially there forever. You don't know who's kept it, who's screenshotted it.

DanTDM on the internet.

The beauty of the Internet is pretty much unlimited.