Hugh Jackman Height Comparison with 10 Hollywood Stars

There are many good-looking stars in Hollywood, but Hugh Jackman stands heads and shoulders above most of them, not only because he is tall and has rugged good looks that make ladies go weak in the knee.

Above all he has such a wholesome personality -- he is a real gentleman. No wonder, he is Hollywood’s one of the most beloved actors, as evident by Deadpool wearing his face mask in the movie Deadpool (2016).

About Hugh Jackman's Real Height

Wikipedia lists (as of writing this) Hugh Jackman's height as 6 feet 3 inches. 

Though Hugh has this to say about his height:

The problem is my height. I am 6 feet 2 inches tall and lean but in the books [Wolverine is] 5 feet 3 inches and stocky...James Marsden, who played Cyclops, who is only 10 cm shorter than me, was put on boxes and platforms in our scenes together. You'll notice that every character in X-Men looked taller than me.

We think Hugh was really 6'2" -- around 2 inches taller than someone like Christian Bale who is around 6 feet tall. But why do we say why?

Because unfortunately, Hugh seems to have lost some height with age. Tall people like Hugh seem more susceptible to losing height with age.

Height loss happens mainly due to the compression and dehydration taking place between the spinal discs. Tall people like Hugh usually have more space between their spinal discs for the compression to take place than the shorter ones.

Hugh now seems a bit shorter than 6 feet 2 inches tall Ryan Reynolds whereas in his youth he must have been just as tall.

A few more height comparisons have made us convinced that Hugh Jackman was really a full 6'2" in his youth and is just a bit shorter now.

The height of Hugh Jackman in his prime was

6 ft 2 in (188 cm)

His current height is

6 ft 1½ in (187 cm)

Here is Hugh Jackman's height compared with 10 Hollywood Stars.

Tom Holland

Hugh Jackman height comparison with Tom Holland
Hugh Jackman with Tom Holland who is 5'6½"

Tom Holland is one of the shortest stars in Hollywood -- of all time. He is around 5 feet 6½ inches tall, so he will have to look up to Hugh Jackman when they meet.

Zac Efron

Hugh Jackman height comparison with Zac Efron
Hugh Jackman with Zac Efron who is 5'8"

Zac Efron has that amazing facial features which makes his height irrelevant. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall by the way.

Johnny Depp

Hugh Jackman height comparison with Johnny Depp
Hugh Jackman with Johnny Depp who is 5'9"

Hugh Jackman with another amazingly handsome man -- Johnny Depp who is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Famke Janssen

Hugh Jackman height comparison with Famke Janssen
Hugh Jackman with Famke Janssen who is a statuesque woman at 5'11"

Statuesque Famke Janssen stands shoulder to shoulder with most men. She is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Hugh Jackman height comparison with Leonardo DiCaprio
Hugh Jackman with Leonardo DiCaprio who is 5'11½"

One of the biggest stars of Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio is just shy of 6 feet at 5 feet 11½ inches.

Chris Evans

Hugh Jackman height comparison with Chris Evans
Hugh Jackman with Chris Evans who is 6 feet tall

Chris Evan is a proper action movie star at 6 feet even.

Elizabeth Debicki

Hugh Jackman height comparison with Elizabeth Debicki
Hugh Jackman with Elizabeth Debicki who is 6'2"

Amazon Elizabeth Debicki is the type of woman who towers over most men.

The Rock

Hugh Jackman height comparison with
Hugh Jackman with The Rock who is around 6'2½" now

One of Hollywood's biggest box office draws, The Rock was 6 feet 3 inches tall in his youth (not 6'4", never 6'5"). Though like Hugh Jackman he has lost that half an inch.

Jason Momoa

Hugh Jackman height comparison with Jason Momoa
Hugh Jackman with Jason Momoa who is 6'4"

Big Jason Momoa is 6 feet 4 inches tall and a real hunk.

Armie Hammer

Hugh Jackman height comparison with Armie Hammer
Hugh Jackman with Armie Hammer who is 6'4½"

Armie Hammer is one of the tallest men in Hollywood. His height is listed as 6 feet 5 inches all over the internet but he is really around 6 feet 4½ inches tall -- which is still too tall.