Tyler Mane Height

Canadian actor and former pro wrestler, Daryl Karolat, better known by the name Tyler Mane is known for playing Sabretooth in X-Men and Deadpool 3, Ajax in Troy, and Michael Myers in the remake of Halloween and its sequel Halloween II. He appeared as supervillain Blackstar in the 2021 Netflix limited series Jupiter's Legacy.

About Tyler Mane's Height

Tyler Mane is known for his size as well -- he is as big as they come.

In pro wrestling, Tyler Mane's height was billed as 6 feet 10 inches, and then later as 6 feet 9 inches. Though Tyler himself mentioned his height as 6 feet 8 inches and later as 6 feet 7 inches.

From what we have gathered, we think Tyler is correct about his height. Early in his career, he looked almost as tall as Kevin Nash who in his prime was really around 6 feet 10 inches tall.

Though now close to his 60s, Tyler looks a bit shorter. Height loss happens with age though in tall people like Tyler Mane, it happens faster and is more severe because their spine is longer and consequently have more space between their spinal discs for compression to take place.

This means Tyler Mane in his youth was just as tall as someone like Kane (who was NOT 7"), but several inches shorter than someone like Big Show who was around 7 feet tall in his prime (Not 7'2").

Tyler is also the tallest actor who ever played the role of Michael Myers -- the boogeyman of Halloween movies.

In case you are wondering what this "billed height" in pro wrestling affair is -- it is simply how tall a wrestler is advertised to be -- not their real height. In wrestling Tyler Mane's weight was 295 lb (134 kg).

The real height of Tyler Mane in his prime was

6 ft 8 in (203 cm)

His present height is

6 ft 7 in (201 cm)

Tyler Mane posing in front of a height chart background
Tyler Mane: A big strong and majestic human male