Skrillex Height

I don't care about having money. It's about being happy, man.

~ Skrillex

American DJ and music producer, Skrillex is known for his hit singles such as In da Getto, Bangarang, Take Ü There, Make It Bun Dem, SICKO MODE, Purple Lamborghini, XENA, Where Are Ü Now, etc.

About Skrillex's Height

There are short people in the world like Joe Rogan and then there is Skrillex who is even shorter than Joe Rogan if you can believe that is possible. Here is what Skrillex himself has to say about his height (on X):

Im somewhere between 5'4 and 5'6 (been years since I've accurately checked into this) so its pretty cool not feeling short right now #Korea".

Well, even 5'4", even 5'6" is kind of short -- the average height of American men is around 5'9½", but we guess it isn't as short as, say 5'2½" -- the height of Kevin Hart.

Anyway, after taking a careful look at Skrillex and comparing his height to that of a few celebrities with well-known heights, we now think Skrillex's real height is somewhere between that of Bruno Mars (5'4") and Lil Wayne (5'5").

But to be honest, Skrillex one of those people who prove that height is just a number. A short stature doesn't stop him being attractive and talented! Other short people can get some confidence boost knowing that they are the same height as Skrillex!

The real height of Skrillex is

5 ft 4½ in (164 cm)

Skrillex posing in front of a height chart background

If something gets too easy... I want to do something else. But every album is going to be me, no matter what.

~ Skrillex