John David Washington Height

Football helped me with confidence that I needed. It gave me a sense of independence and earning my own money and my own keep. That's what it served. It gave me the strength to be able to deal with rejection, politics, hard work, and being introduced to pain and embracing what's uncomfortable.

~ John David Washington

American actor, John David Washington is known for his work in movies such as BlacKkKlansman (2018), Tenet (2020), Malcolm & Marie (2021), Beckett (2021), Amsterdam (2022), and The Creator (2023). He is the son of actor Denzel Washington.

About John David Washington's Height

John David Washington's height is listed as 5 feet 9 inches all over the internet.

Well, he looks like it, especially when standing next to someone like Robert Pattinson who is slightly over six feet tall (6′½″).

Even John's father Denzel Washington was 6 feet ½ inch (184 cm) tall in his youth (though he looks a bit shorter now).

This means John is over 3 inches shorter than his father and has gone after his mother where height is concerned. This also means that John is just as tall as someone like Johnny Depp or Jason Statham.

The height of John David Washington is

5ft 9 (175 cm)

John David Washington posing in front of a height chart background
John David Washington

I hope people will see how harmful words are and how irresponsible we can be when saying the wrong things at the wrong time to certain people.

~ John David Washington