Gary Conway Height

American actor, Gary Conway is best known for starring in the detective series Burke's Law from 1963 to 1965. In addition, he starred in the Irwin Allen sci-fi series Land of the Giants from 1968 to 1970.

About Gary Conway's Height

In his youth, Gary Conway was a tall and well-built man. His is listed as Height. 6 feet 1 inches (185 cm) on IMDb. From what we have seen of Gary Conway, like with a 5'5" Deanna Lund, and 6'2" Don Matheson, we think 6" would be the better number to describe the height of someone like Gary Conway.

We think in his youth, Gary Conway was just as tall as celebrities like Chris Evans, Christian Bale,, and Henry Cavill -- all three of whom are around 6 feet tall, though Henry is half an inch above that.

The real height of Gary Conway is

6 ft (183 cm)

Gary Conway in a red suit listening to a speaker
Young and handsome Gary Conway