Big Kenny Height

American country music singer, Big Kenny is known for his singles such as Save a Horse, 8th of November, Long After I'm Gone, Lost in This Moment, etc.

About Big Kenny's Height

Big Kenny is big but not as big as his height listed on the internet -- 6 feet 5 inches! Seriously where did this number come from? What is the source behind this?

This height exaggeration puts even WWE to shame, where a 5'10" Kurt Angle was elevated to the 6'2" frame. This is some similar kind of ridiculousness.

After taking a careful look at Big Kenny, we have noticed that he looks far shorter than Cowboy Troy who is not even 6'5" -- 6'4½" to be exact... So how can Big Kenny be 6'5"?

After comparing the height of Big Kenny to some other celebrities, we think there is a good chance that his real height is actually in the 6'1" range. We think he is just as tall as someone like Kevin Costner.

Big Kenny's top hat and cowboy boots can make him look even taller than he really is.

The real height of Big Kenny is

6 ft 1¼ in (186 cm)

Big Kenny posing in front of a height chart background
Big Kenny