Tessa Thompson Height

We have this real problem as human beings to put people on pedestals - with celebrities, with historical figures - and we forget they're humans just like us.

~ Tessa Thompson

American actress, Tessa Thompson is known for her work in movies such as Mississippi Damned (2009), For Colored Girls (2010), Dear White People (2014), Selma (2014), Creed trilogy (2015-2023), Thor: Ragnarok, Men in Black: International, Annihilation (2018), Sylvie's Love (2020), etc.

About Tessa Thompson's Height

Tessa Thompson's height is listed as 5 feet 4 inches all over the internet. Though on IMDb it is 5 feet 3¾ inches (162 cm) instead. That's only a quarter inch of difference, but truth be told Tessa doesn't look 5'4" -- but perhaps only because she is thickly built.

The real height of Tessa Thompson is

5 ft  3¾ in (162 cm)

Tessa Thompson smiling in front of a height chart background
Tessa Thompson

I'm really excited about this generation of young women that can look at a screen and see some brown people in space.

~ Tessa Thompson