Sean Strickland Height

I never understand people's need to be validated by the public.

~ Sean Stickland 

There are not many Sean Stricklands in the world. In fact, there is only one and he is quite a character -- speaking-his-mind UFC middleweight Champion who is never afraid of offending someone with his talk... or brawling with someone for disrespect.

About Sean Strickland's Height

Sean Strickland is a well-made American Specimen with thick forearms and wide wrists. His official height is 6 feet 1 inches. But as UFC often inflates the height of its fighters we have to be careful with this listing.

We compared Sean's height with the likes of Israel Adesanya (6'3") Alex Pereira (6'4") and some other UFC fighters and now think Sean's real height is definitely closer to 6 feet flat than any other number.

Perhaps he was measured with his cowboy boots on? It has happened before...

The real height of Sean Strickland is

6 ft (183 cm)

Sean Strickland standing with Scarlett Johansson and Osama Bin Laden
American patriot Sean Stickland with Hollywood Diva Scarlett Johansson (5'3"), and late and unlamented Osama Bin Laden (6'4")

PTSD can make a strong man weak or a weak man strong... Years and years of abuse just changes you as a man... The hate just doesn't go away. The sad truth is I'm one of millions but I only matter because there is a camera in my face...  Most people just suffer in silence and drown their demons in alcohol or drugs.

~ Sean Strickland