Julia Antonelli Height

No words, no actions, no laws are enough until we end this epidemic of school shootings in our country.

~ Julia Antonelli

American actress, Julia Antonelli is best known for her work in movies such as Beau Is Afraid (2023), Every Witch Way (2014), WITS Academy (2015), etc.

About Julia Antonelli's Height

As of writing this Google and IMDb have Julia Antonelli's height listed as 5 feet 4½ inches. This is why we should not trust these websites blindly.

As you may have already guessed, Julia is nowhere near this tall. After carefully examining her height, we think she may even be a couple inches below 5 feet! We think Julia would be around 2.5 inches shorter than someone like Ariana Grande who at 5'½" is considered super short herself.

Julia Antonelli's Height

4 ft 10 in (147 cm)

Julia Antonelli posing in front of a height chart background
The phrase "cute as a button" suits Julia Antonelli

Yet after this photo was taken, I was spit on by a llama [image link].

~ Julia Antonelli