Isabelle Fuhrman Height

I'm obsessed with Greek mythology. My favorite goddess is Artemis. She's strong and reminds me of Katniss, the heroine of 'The Hunger Games.'

~ Isabelle Fuhrman

Amazing actress, Isabelle Fuhrman is known for playing the role of Esther in the horror film Orphan and its prequel Orphan: First Kill. She also portrayed Clove in The Hunger Games, and Alex in The Novice.

About Isabelle Fuhrman's Real Height

Child actors usually don't grow into tall adults. Child actors are very often small for their age. This allows them to act as even younger children while being actually mature enough to handle the rigors of learning lines and acting.

Isabelle Fuhrman could be called an exception. Well, she is an exceptional actress who terrified us in Orphan, even though she was a wee little thing in it.

As an adult, Isabelle Fuhrman's height is listed as 5'3" all over the internet. Which makes her kinda average or just a bit below it.

This means Isabelle Fuhrman is just as tall as someone like Scarlett Johansson or Natalie Portman.

The real height of Isabelle Fuhrman is

5 ft 3 in (160 cm)

Isabelle Fuhrman posing in front of a height chart background
Dark Isabelle Fuhrman

One of my favorite authors, Garbrielle Zevin, she did a book called 'Elsewhere,' that is one of my favorites, and I think they're making that into a movie too. I really want to be in that one just because the story is so beautiful.

~ Isabelle Fuhrman