Emily Ratajkowski height

The female body is a beautiful thing, and it should be embraced and celebrated.

~ Emily Ratajkowski

American supermodel and actress, Emily Ratajkowski is known for many things: for appearing in Robin Thicke's music video "Blurred Lines", for her role as the mistress of Ben Affleck's character in the film Gone Girl (2014), and for being a spokesperson for women's health issues, Planned Parenthood, her views on sexual expression.

About Emily Ratajkowski's Height

Like other models, Emily Ratajkowski is a tall and well-proportioned woman but it is clear to us that she isn't actually as tall as other models...

Here is what Emily has to say about her height:

I’m not a typical model. I know people are always like, ‘What do you mean?’ but I’m 5’7”, I’m four inches shorter than every girl on set, I have big boobs.

It is a well-known fact that height in the modeling industry is somewhat inflated just like in pro wrestling. They basically deceive you into thinking that they are taller than they really are, and thus more impressive. It is the oldest trick in the book of the entertainment world.

Looking at Emily Ratajkowski with celebrities like Zac Efron (5'8"), Rita Ora (5'5½"), and Alexandra Daddario (5'7"), we think we have a fairly good idea of just how tall Emily Ratajkowski really is.

But you have to give it to Emily that she does give out the impression of being tall -- like 5'9" or so.

The real height of Emily Ratajkowski is

5 ft 5½ in (166 cm)

Emily Ratajkowski posing in front of a height chart background
Emily Ratajkowski

It's absurd to think that the desire for attention doesn't drive both women and men. Why are women scrutinized for it more, then?

~ Emily Ratajkowski