Chungha Height

In Korea, we listen to pop music even though there are people who don't understand English well, just like you understand Korean, but I think it's still the same, it's music.

~ Chungha

South Korean pop singer, dancer, and choreographer, Kim Chung-ha aka Chungha is known for finishing fourth in Mnet's girl group survival show Produce 101, becoming a member of the resulting girl group I.O.I. Following the dissolution of I.O.I in 2017, Chungha debuted as a solo artist with the extended play Hands on Me.

About Chungha's Real Height

People are divided over Chungha's height.

According to the internet, Chungha is 5 feet 3 inches tall (160 cm).

According to the idol's profile, she is 5′3½″ (161cm) tall and weighs about 42kg (93 lb).

According to some people on Reddit, she is only 5 feet tall.

Who to believe and who to not?

Well, after taking a careful look at Chungha and comparing her height to that of some other celebrities (like 5'8" Doyeon), we think Chungha might be a bit shorter than her profile. Height exaggeration is widespread in South Korean pop culture anyway. Korean celebrities usually inflate their height by an inch.

Though Chungha definitely gives the impression of being tall, probably because of her charisma and swag, plus the way she dresses tends to make her look taller.

The real height of Chungha is

5 ft 3 in (160 cm)

Chungha posing in front of a height chart background
The beautiful Chungha

I don't know how people can fake feelings I can't even fake a hello.

~ Chungha