Aurora Aksnes Height

Dancing is one beautiful thing. And the worst you look when you dance the better it is, the more beautiful you look to the world because the world can see that this person is free. And freedom is a very handsome thing to wear

~ Aurora Aksnes

Norwegian singer, and songwriter, Aurora Aksnes is known for her music albums such as All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend, Infections of a Different Kind, A Different Kind of Human, and The Gods We Can Touch.

About Aurora Aksnes' Real Height

Aurora Aksnes' height is listed as 5 feet 3 inches all over the internet. Well, it is better than 5'6" or 5'8" which was her height just a few years ago on the internet.

However, at the end of the day, it is all guesswork since Aurora herself has never mentioned her height.

Well, if it has come to guesswork, our guesses on human height tend to be better than other peoples'. We took a careful look at Aurora and noticed that she was really small -- like even 5'3" Billie Elish was still taller than her.

Aurora is definitely shorter than 5'3" -- which makes her short for a person of Norwegian, where the average height of women is 5'6" and men around 6". 

We think Aurora Aksnes is just as tall as singers like Shakira or Cardi B.

The real height of Aurora Aksnes is

5 ft 1½ in (159 cm)

Aurora Aksnes posing in front of a height chart background
Ethereal Aurora Aksnes

I think in this world we are given this strange promise by the culture we humans have, you know with each other, that you’ll get happiness if you are accepted and if you’re liked and if you fit in and all of those things. But I’ve been quite lucky with my loneliness when I was a child, if that makes sense, because I didn’t have...I was not so social when I was a child. I struggled a lot with people and I liked to be alone. So it really taught me from quite a young age that happiness comes from quite many things. The ability to create and explore and wonder, and becoming a philosopher by just thinking about things, looking at things, people, talking with people. It gave me, quite early in life, I learned that happiness can come from quite many other things than being accepted and approved by the people around you. It’s weird now to look back and think that my childhood, that could for some people sound a bit unhappy, because I was quite much alone, I was happy, but it’s weird that it feels like a way of life preparing me to one day become an artist, because then you also have to understand that the true happiness really comes from following your own instinct and doing what you want. Like children do, they dress like they want, they say what they have to say, and they act like they want to act. Until they learn that they have to follow some norms that the school system or society teaches us, and I don’t know, I would ask anyone to try to forget those things and because imagine how great the world would be if everyone focused on themselves focused on what make them happy. What gives you that glow that wakes you up in the morning? What hobby, what job, what thing? Whatever it is, everyone has this thing. In Japanese they call it “生き甲斐“, like the flower in your life, the thing that music is for me. Something that gives me an invisible shield and I can do anything because I have music. All people, I think, have this thing whatever it is in their life and as long as you find it and just focus on, that, you know, you are probably here for a reason, and you are you for a reason. You have something that no one else has, that’s one fact that I know for sure, because we’re all created completely different. But also the same in some ways. But we’re all different for a reason because we can all offer something different to the world. So I think it may be a matter of focus, the way you focus on your place in this earth, you know, it’s much bigger than fitting in. Because if you do what you want you can stand out and that’s a very exciting thing as well. And just don’t care, don’t care what people think. I know it’s not that easy, but, yeah, don’t care. Follow your own heart.

~ Aurora Aksnes