ASAP Ferg Height

People who are scared don't live life.

~ ASAP Ferg

American rapper ASAP Ferg is known for being a member of the hip hop collective A$AP Mob, and also for his studio albums such as Trap Lord, Always Strive and Prosper, and Still Striving.

About ASAP Ferg's Real Height

It is a well-known fact that rappers only come in two categories -- the tall ones like Young Thug (6'3"), Wiz Khalifa (6'3"), 2 Chainz (nearly 6'5"), and the shorter ones like Lil Uzi Vert (5'4"), Kendrick Lamar (5'6"), Lil Wayne (5'5"), etc.

ASAP Ferg belongs to the second category

ASAP Ferg in his own words is (Shabba song):

Short nigga but my dick tall

But how short and how tall exactly?

Well, we can't say for sure about the second thing mentioned but ASAP Ferg's height is listed as 5 feet 7 inches all over the internet, and from what little we have seen of him -- he looks like it.

The real height of ASAP Ferg is

5 ft 7 in (170 cm)

ASAP Ferg posing in front of a height chart background

I see myself on top, doing what I love to do, and doing it the way I want to do it. No rules, just doing my own thing.

~ ASAP Ferg