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English actor, Tom Payne is probably best known for his role as Paul "Jesus" Rovia in AMC's The Walking Dead, Brett Aspinall in BBC's Waterloo Road, and Malcolm Bright on the American TV series Prodigal Son from 2019 to 2021.

About Tom Payne's Real Height

For some unknown reason, Tom Payne's height is listed (as of writing this) as 7′7½″ (2.32 m) on hi. IMDb resume. If you are looking for Tom Payne's height, you already know he is nowhere this tall. In fact -- Tom is kind of on the shorter side.

This is just a technical error for sure. What they meant must be 5′7½″ (2.32 m). But even then we have an issue with this.

From what we have seen of Tom Payne, we think he is a bit shorter even than that. We are sure he is not as tall as Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, or Robert Downey Jr. -- all three of whom are around 5′7½″.

We think Tom Payne is at least 3 inches shorter than Norman Reedus (5'9½") and 4 inches shorter than Andrew Lincoln (5'10½"). Tom Payne is just as tall as someone like Tom Holland.

BTW, Tom Payne's Swedish wife Jennifer Ã…kerman is taller than him. She is around 5'9".

The real height of Tom Payne is

5 ft 6 ½ in (169 cm)

Tom Payne posing in front of a height chart
Smart and sleek Tom Payne

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