Stephen Macht Height

American actor, Stephen Macht is known for his roles in movies such as Final Voyage, Agent Red, Outside the Law, The Legend of Bloody Mary, Atlas Shrugged: Part II, and many others.

About Stephen Macht's Height

Stephen Macht's height on his IMDb resume is listed as 6 feet 1 inches. It may be that Stephen was really that tall in his youth, but he is certainly not 6 feet 1 inches tall now -- because he clearly looks several inches shorter than his son Gaberial Macht who is 6 feet ½ inches (184 cm).

Now in his eighties, Stephen has lost some height due to the normal wear and tear that happens with aging -- mainly compression and dehydration of the spinal discs.

But it may be that Stephen Macht was just as tall as his son Gaberial Macht in his youth.

The real height of Stephen Macht

6 ft ½ in (184 cm)

Stephen Macht posing in front of a height chart background
Young Stephen Macht