Rich Koz Height

I’m a big fan of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

~ Rich Koz

American actor and broadcaster, Rich Koz is best known for his portrayal of horror-movie host Svengoolie, as well as his early '90s children's cartoon showcase The Koz Zone.

About Rich Koz's Height

There is little information available about Rich Koz on the internet. One website listed his height as 6 feet. We don't know the source of this listing but it seems clearly incorrect...

Based on what little we have seen of Rich Koz -- below is our official guess for his height.

The height of Rich Koz is

5 ft 7½ in (172 cm)

Rich Koz posing in front of a height chart
Rich Koz

When I was a small child, for some reason—and I don’t know if this was from cartoons or movies or what—I was very frightened of skeletons. I also was very afraid of the dark. I used to have incredibly terrible nightmares. I was afraid of everything as a child. Now look what I’m doing.

~ Rich Koz