Reilly Opelka Height

Well, the ATP Cup is pathetic.

~ Reilly Opelka

American professional tennis player. At 6 feet 11 inches tall, Reilly Opelka is tied with Ivo Karlović for the tallest-ever ATP-ranked player.

About Reilly Opelka's Height

There is not much to say about Reilly Opelka's height. Only this that he is a giant of a man and a giant of a tennis player.

His official height is 6 feet 11 inches and there is no reason for us to believe that he is shorter or any taller than that (he sure looks even taller!).

This makes Reilly Opelka just an inch shorter than someone like Shaquille O'Neal.

The real height of Reilly Opelka is

6 ft 11 in (211 cm)

Reilly Opelka posing in front of a height chart background
Reilly Opelka is a giant

I think it's shocking on behalf of the ATP for them to pass that and allow that, it's pretty embarrassing, actually.

~ Reilly Opelka