Albert II (Prince of Monaco) Height

Within all of us, there is a little child. Why not enjoy life?

~ Albert II

Prince of Monaco, reigning since 2005, Albert II is not tall nor short -- at least for a European.

The average height of men in France (the neighboring country of Monaco) is about 5'9" while the average  height of Men in Nordic countries is about 6 feet.

IMDb lists Prince Albert's height as 5 feet 11¼ inches (181 cm), and his wide-shouldered wife Charlene's height as 5 feet 9¾ inches. These height listings are so precise we can only guess that they are barefoot measurements and thus correct.

This makes Prince Albert just about as tall as celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt or Tom Hanks.

The height of Albert II is

5′11¼″ (181 cm)

Prince Albert II posing in front of a height chart background
Prince Albert II -- one rich and powerful man

Climate change has far-reaching consequences for our own survival on this planet. As an issue, it overrides everything else.

~ Albert II