Jermaine Dupri Height

Teach yourself from others' mistakes.

~ Jermaine Dupri

American rapper, Jermaine Dupri is known for his songs such as Money Ain't a Thang, My Boo, We Belong Together, Don't Forget About Us, and many others.

About Jermaine Dupri's Real Height

There is only one way to put this -- Jermaine Dupri is short. What is worse -- he looks like it.

It is a widely known truth that rappers only come in two types -- short ones like Jermaine Dupri, and Lil Uzi Vert (5'4"), and tall ones like Young Thug (6'3") and 2 Chainz (6'5").

Anyway, Jermaine Dupri's height is listed on the internet as anywhere from 5'2" to 5'3" on the internet and we can see why -- he looks shorter than 5'4" Bow Wow and 5'2" Kim Kardashian (but admittedly in heels).

After comparing Jermaine Dupri's height to that of some more people -- even Kevin Hart who is 5'2½", we think Germaine could be above 5'3" but is certainly below 5'4".

The real height of Germaine Dupri is

5 ft 3½ in (161 cm)

Jermaine Dupri standing in front of a height chart
Sleek as a cat -- Jermaine Dupri

I'm not afraid of taking long walks. A lot of people want to be great, but they want to cheat to get to greatness. I'm cool with taking the walk around the block to get to where I want to go as opposed to the cheat because the cheat has flaws.

~ Jermaine Dupri