De'Aundre Bonds Height

American actor, De'Aundre Bonds is best known for appearing as a guest actor on television shows; however, he was also featured in the Spike Lee film Get on the Bus, in Tales from the Hood, and in the Rick Famuyiwa film The Wood.

About De'Aundre Bonds' Real Height

There isn't much that can be said about De'Aundre Bonds' height. It is listed as 5 feet 8 inches all over the internet, and because lack of information, we'll have to go with the popular consensus.

This makes De'Aundre Bonds just as tall as celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, Robert Downey Jr. Zac Efron, etc.

The height of De'Aundre Bonds is

5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

De'Aundre Bonds standing in front of a height chart
De'Aundre Bonds, not James Bond