Carson Daly Height

The No. 1 question I get from everybody is, 'How did you make it?' I'm like, Don't worry about making it. There is no making it. Just be happy.

~ Carson Daly

American television host and television personality, Carson Daly is known for hosting the late-night talk show Last Call with Carson Daly and New Year's Eve with Carson Daly from Times Square.

About Carson Daly's Real Height

Carson Daly used to describe himself as 6 feet 3 inches tall back in the day. Then on Instagram, he posted a photo of him with 7-foot-tall Shaquille O'Neal. Carson mentioned in the photo:

I'm 6'2

But for some reason, Carson's height is listed as 6 feet 1 inches on the internet. We took a careful look at Carson and compared his height to that of some people with known heights and now we think the internet is onto something after tall.

Perhaps Carson Daly measured his height with shoes still on? Whatever the reason, we are convinced that Carson Daly isn't any taller than 6'1".

The real height of Carson Daly is

6 ft 1 in (185 cm)

Carson Daly posing in front of a height chart
Big and tall Carson Daly

I think long-lasting, healthy relationships are more important than the idea of marriage. At the root of every successful marriage is a strong partnership.

~ Carson Daly