Bono Height

My heroes are the ones who survived doing it wrong, who made mistakes but recovered from them.

~ Bono

Irish singer-songwriter and activist, Bono is known as the lead vocalist and primary lyricist of the rock band U2.

About Bono's Real Height

It is widely known that Bono is not that tall. His height is listed as 5 feet 6 inches all over the internet. But Bono is fond of wearing big "Vin Diesel" boots, which can make him taller than he really is.

From what we have seen of Bono, like with a 5'8" Sean Penn, we think there is a good chance that Bono is actually even shorter than 5'6".

The real height of Bono is

5ft 5 ½ (166 cm)

Bono posing in front of a height chart
Big Bono

You see, idealism detached from action is just a dream. But idealism allied with pragmatism, with rolling up your sleeves and making the world bend a bit, is very exciting. It's very real. It's very strong.

~ Bono