Alexandra Isles Height

There were two ways to get out of the studio.... and there were times we would go out the back door.... But then, of course, the kids discovered about the back door.... I can't remember how we got through it. It wasn't so terrible, except that one time somebody tried to pull out my hair on the street. She wanted some hairs to take home. That wasn't - I didn't appreciate that too much.

~ Alexandra Isles

Documentary filmmaker and former actress, Alexandra Isles is best known for her role as the original Victoria Winters from 1966 to 1968 on the gothic TV serial Dark Shadows.

About Alexandra Isles' Height

Alexandra Isles looked tall in Dark Shadows. Her IMDb resume lists her height as 5 feet 7 inches. We have no problem seeing her at that height.

In short, she is very similar in height to celebrities like  Kate Beckinsale, Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, etc.

The real height of Alexandra Isles is

5 ft 7 in (170 cm)

Alexandra Isles standing in front of a height chart
The tall Alexandra Isles

I realized that "Dark Shadows" was really big when I was working.... with Peter Fonda, and he and I went out to lunch one day. We walked down the street and he told me that people were recognizing me, not him. That seemed crazy, but I guess that's the power of television and millions of people having televisions in their apartments as opposed to going to the movies.

~ Alexandra Isles