Adam Scott Height

I don't think people who are bad people think they're bad people.

~ Adam Scott

American actor and comedian, Adam Scott is known for his roles as Ben Wyatt in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, Derek Huff in the film Step Brothers, Johnny Meyer in The Aviator, Henry Pollard in the Starz sitcom Party Down, Ed Mackenzie in the HBO series Big Little Lies, and Trevor in the NBC series The Good Place.

About Adam Scott's Real Height

Adam Scott once mentioned his height as 5 feet 9 inches -- perhaps that's why his height is listed as all over the internet.

From what we have seen of Scott, we have no problem with this listing -- in fact, we would have guessed him to be even taller. Now there is at least a celebrity who is honest about his height.

This makes Adams Scott just as tall as someone like Johnny Depp.

The real height of Adam Scott is

5 ft 9 in (175 cm)

Adam Scott posing in front of a height chart
Adam Scott

I love hearing about bad behavior. It's just so funny to me. Especially, grown ups acting like weird, inconsolable babies over really stupid things, to me, is really funny.

~ Adam Scott