Action Bronson Height

All I believe in is food and myself.

~ Action Bronson

Famous American rapper, songwriter, chef, and pro wrestler, Ariyan Arslani aka Action Bronson is a big guy -- just not that tall.

About Action Bronson's Real Height

You can find Action Bronson's height listed on the internet anywhere from 5'6" to all the way up 6" (lol.)

Action certainly isn't anywhere close to 6 feet in height. He gives the impression of being big -- probably because of his girth, but if we talk about vertical measurement then Action certainly seems a lot closer to 5'6" than any other number.

After taking a careful look at Action Bronson, we have observed that he is around 4 inches shorter than Chance the Rapper who is 5'10". Action also looks shorter than Joe Rogan who at most is 5'7". After some more such height comparisons we think Action Bronson is just 5'6" after all.

This makes Action Bronson very similar in height to someone like DJ Khaled who is 5'7".

The real height of Action Bronson is

5 ft 6 in (168 cm)

Action Bronson posing in front of a height chart
Big man Action Bronson

I just do whatever I do, and put it out there without tryin to cater to anybody. If you like it, you like it.

~ Action Bronson