Rick James Height

Funkers are people who dig the funk; Little funkers, Big funkers, Old funkers, Young funkers, Foxy funkers, Papa funkers, Mother funkers.

~ Rick James

Famous American-Canadian singer-songwriter and musician, Rick James is known for his songs such as You & I, Mary Jane, Give It to Me Baby, Super Freak, Fire & Desire, Ebony Eyes, etc. 

About Rick James' Real Height

Rick James's height is listed as 5′ 11¼″ (1.81 m) on IMDb. It seems correct as Rick James was certainly half a foot taller than James Brown who was around 5 feet 5 inches tall.

The real height of Rick James was

5 ft 11¼ in (182 cm)

Rick James Mugshot
Big Rick James

Whether you're rich or poor, life's still cold-blooded.

~ Rick James