Joey Lawrence Height

Nobody's perfect, but I hold myself accountable. I think about the choices I make because they not only affect me, they affect all of my fans and my family.

~ Joey Lawrence

American actor and singer-songwriter, Joey Lawrence is perhaps best known for his role as Joey Russo in Blossom and Joe Longo in Melissa & Joey. He has also starred in TV series such as Gimme a Break!, and Brotherly Love with his real-life brothers Matthew and Andrew.

About Joey Lawrence's Real Height

Joey Lawrence is thought to be anywhere from 5'8" to 5'10" on the internet. From what we have seen of Joey we think the chance of his being 5'10" is pretty slim.

He looks like a proper 5'8" to us -- just as tall as someone like Robert Downey Jr. or Mark Wahlberg.

The real height of Joey Lawrence is

5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

Joey Lawrence Mugshot
Joey Lawrence

A career is a journey. I've been fortunate enough to work and be very successful over three decades, but I haven't achieved nearly what I want to achieve yet.

~ Joey Lawrence