David Faustino Height

Enjoy life... that's what we're here for.

~ David Faustino

American actor, David Faustino is perhaps best known for playing Bud Bundy on the Fox sitcom Married... with Children. He has also voiced animated characters for Nickelodeon, including Mako on The Legend of Korra and Helia.

About David Faustino's Real Height

There is some confusion on the internet about David Faustino's height. Some websites list his height as low as 5'3", while others as high as 5'8". But let's face it, if you are searching for David's height you already know that he is not that tall.

IMDb's listing for David's height is 5'3", but David himself once mentioned his height early in his career as 5'2½". From what we have seen of David he looks just as tall (or short) as his claim -- of course, taking into account the big boots he likes to wear so much.

The real height of David Faustino is

5 ft 2½ in (159 cm)

David Faustino towered over by partner Lindsay Bronson
Big David Faustino with his even bigger partner Lindsay Bronson (she must be around 5'8")

When someone calls me up and wants me to do something, of course, I am open to it. But I am not going to do it if there isn't anything interesting or funny about it.

~ David Faustino