Aya Takanashi Height

Sometimes acceptance and cooperation are strengths also.

~ Aya Takanashi

Japanese actress, Aya Takanashi is probably best known for her role as Hiroko Uchiyama (Tom Selleck’s love interest) in the 1992 film, Mr. Baseball.

About Aya Takanashi's Height

There is little about Aya Takanashi on the internet. But strangely enough, her height is listed as 5 feet 2½ inches on her IMDb resume. Well, since she looked more than a foot shorter than Tom Selleck, who is 6'4" -- we can only assume that her height listing is correct.

The height of Aya Takanashi is

5 ft 2½ in (159 cm)

Aya Takanashi Mugshot
The mysterious Aya Takanashi

I have seen 'free mustache rides' offered on T-Shirts in America. Always by guys you would not want to ride with.

~ Aya Takanashi