Mickey Rooney Height

I keep going because if you stop, you stop. Why retire? Inspire.

~ Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney was one of the most famous and highest-paid actors of his time. Just how popular Mickey really was? Well, he had appeared in more than 300 movies!

Clarence Brown, who directed Rooney in his Oscar-nominated performance in The Human Comedy and again in National Velvet has this to say about Mickey:

Mickey Rooney is the closest thing to a genius I ever worked with. There was Chaplin, then there was Rooney. The little bastard could do no wrong in my book ... All you had to do with him was rehearse it once.

About Mickey Rooney's Real Height

And indeed like Charlie Chaplin, Mickey was not tall.

Mickey claimed to be 5 feet 2 inches tall and that’s how tall he is listed everywhere but according to Mickey’s 1942 draft registration, he was just 5’1” (155 cm).

We think his draft registration card seems correct since Mickey was very similar in height to Judy Garland who was just 5 feet tall...

Mickey also looked several inches shorter than Charlie Chaplin (5’4”) who was famous for being short.

After taking a careful look at Mickey, we think the only way he could have measured 5'2" with shoes on, barefoot, we doubt he was anything above 5'1".

So, Mickey Rooney would have been shorter than people like Kim Kardashian, Emilia Clarke, Hilary Duff, Kevin Hart (5'2½"), etc.

The height of Mickey Rooney is

5’1½ in (156 cm)

Mickey Rooney with Shirley Temple, and Judy Garland
Mickey Rooney with Shirley Temple (as a child -- still growing), and Judy Garland (5 ft). Thanks, Palette.fm

Mickey Rooney with Dorothy Ford
Mickey Rooney with Dorothy Ford, whose real height was around 6 feet. Both of them are looking several inches taller than their real height, so the height scale behind them is definitely incorrect. Thanks, Palette.fm

You always pass failure on the way to success.

~ Mickey Rooney