Ann Coulter Height

Liberals want the family destroyed, they want religion desthroned, because then you have loyalty directly to the state.

~ Ann Coulter

Famous American conservative media pundit, author, syndicated columnist, and lawyer, Ann Coulter looks tall -- well, she is kind of tall... Here is what she has to say about her height (on Twitter):

Men lie about height. I'm ACTUALLY - repeatedly measured in doctor's offices - a hair over 5'9" & can tell you: 5'5" men claim to be 6'. Actual 6-footers claim to be 6'4".

Men sure lie about their height, but clearly, Ann doesn't. From what we have seen of Ann we think she could be as tall as 5 feet 9½  inches.

Some height women similar in size to Ann Coulter would be Charlize Theron, Mandy Moore, Laura Prepon, Savannah Guthrie, etc.

The height of Ann Coulter is

5 ft 9½ in (176 cm)

Ann Coulter standing with Jimmie Walker
Ann Coulter standing shoulder to shoulder with Jimmie Walker (6'1" in his prime)

In the druidical religion of liberalism, not separating your recyclables is a sin, but abortion is just a medical procedure.

~ Ann Coulter