Steffiana de la Cruz Height

Famous actress, Steffiana de la Cruz is known for her roles in movies such as Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Zookeeper, and Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 2004. 

About Steffiana de la Cruz's Real Height

Steffiana is also known for her exotic looks, for being the wife of Kevin James, and for her height as well...

You see Steffiana is quite tall, especially when taking into account her Filipino ethnicity. Filipinos are known for many things but they are not known for being particularly tall. But apparently, Steffiana is.

For her height is listed as 5 feet 8 inches on most of the internet. But is Steffiana really 5'8"?

Not from what we have seen of her. Her husband Kevin James is not a tall fellow at 5'8" and yet he still looks a couple inches taller than Steffiana -- after taking into account her high heels, of course.

Perhaps it is the high heels that Steffiana is so fond of wearing which makes her look taller than everyone in her vicinity.

After taking a careful look at Steffiana, we think the most she looks is 5 feet 6 inches -- around as tall as someone like Beyonce or Angelina Jolie. Still, a good height to live with, don't you think?

The height of Steffiana de la Cruz is

5 ft 6 in (167.5 cm)

Steffiana de la Cruz standing with Kevin James
Steffiana with hubby Kevin James (5'8"): Mind the heels...