Neal McDonough Height

I'm always on the lookout for projects with a strong moral and inspirational core.

~ Neal McDonough

Famous actor, Neal McDonough is known for his performances in movies such as “Star Trek: First Contact”, “Minority Report”, “Walking Tall”, “Yellowstone”, and others.

About Neal McDonough's Real Height

Neal McDonough looks of average height but actually is above average.

In the movie “Walking Tall”, Neal looked short but only because most of the time he was standing next to The Rock who was 6 feet 3 inches at that time. The Rock is a bit shorter now because of the curvature of his back.

Anyway, Google lists Neal’s height as 6 feet even. From what we have seen of him, like with Tom Cruise (almost 5'8"), Tom Hanks (6" in his prime), Colin Farrell (5'10"), and some others, we think Neal looks within the range.

But as big as Neal is – his wife Ruvé Robertson makes him look like a shrimp. She is as big as The Rock to be sure.

The height of Neal McDonough is

6 ft (183 cm)

Neal McDonough standing with The Rock and wife Ruvé Robertson
Neal McDonough standing with The Rock and wife Ruvé Robertson

My faith is central to who I am as a human being, not just as an actor - so it informs every decision I make, whether it's deciding on a project or deciding on how to treat the guy who cuts me off in traffic.

~ Neal McDonough