Mary Jo Deschanel Height

American actress, Mary Jo Deschanel’s name is as exotic as her ancestry which includes Irish, French, Swiss, Dutch, and English. She is known for her work in movies such as "Twin Peaks", "Winter Passing", "Breach", "My Sister's Keeper", "Criminal Minds", etc.

About Mary Jo Deschanel's Real Height

Mary Jo Deschanel is small and slight.

People probably are interested in Mary's height because her daughter Emily Deschanel is very tall at 5 feet 8 inches, and Mary looks so small to her.

Zooey (another daughter of Mary) is a bit smaller at 5 feet 5 inches but still towers over Mary.

Mary Deschanel's height is listed on most parts of the internet as 5 feet 1 inch, but from what we have seen of her, we think she is most definitely under it.

Emily Deschanel's height can partly be explained by her father Caleb Deschanel's height -- though he is certainly not that tall either.

The height of Mary Jo Deschanel is

4 ft 10 in (150 cm)

Mary Jo Deschanel mugshot
Mary Jo Deschanel