Madison Lintz Height

Famous actress, Madison Lintz is perhaps best known for her roles as Sophia Peletier in the AMC post-apocalyptic television drama series The Walking Dead and as Madeline "Maddie" Bosch in the Amazon Prime Video series Bosch and its revival on Amazon Freevee Bosch: Legacy.

About Madison Lintz's Real Height

Madison Lintz is kind of tall -- as you may already know by watching her on TV. But is she really 5 feet 8 inches tall as IMDb lists her as?

Well, from what we have seen of Madison, we could have guessed her to be even taller -- about 5'8½". She looks particularly taller in Bosch, though admittedly due in part because of her short parents.

Some other female celebrities of the same physical stature as Madison Cruz are Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, Miranda Kerr, Julia Roberts, Cate Blanchett, etc.

The height of Madison Lintz is

5 ft 8¼ in (173.5 cm)

Madison Lintz mugshot
Big Madison Lintz