Jason Aldean Height

I didn't get into music to become famous and I didn't get into music to become rich either -- I got into it because I liked it.

~ Jason Aldean

American country singer, Jason Aldean is known for his salt-of-the-earth songs which such meaningful names such as "She's Country", "Big Green Tractor", "Dirt Road Anthem", "When She Says Baby", "Just Gettin' Started", "Tonight Looks Good on You", "A Little More Summertime", "Any Ol' Barstool", "Rearview Town", "Trouble with a Heartbreak" and many others.

About Jason Aldean's Real Height

Jason Aldean isn't as tall as people think him to be

Google lists Jason Aldean’s height as 6 feet 1 inch, and Google also lists Luke Bryan’s height as 6 feet. But when you see the pictures of the two of them together (there are many on the internet), you see that Luke Bryan is actually several inches taller than Jason Aldean.

That goes to show you how reliable Google and most of the websites on the internet are – at least where celebrities’ height is concerned.

Based on what we have seen of Jason Aldean, we don’t think he could be any taller than 5 feet 10½ inches -- in short, just as tall as someone like George Clooney. By the way, Luke Bryan is 6’1½”.

The height of Jason Aldean is

5 ft 10½ in (179 cm)

Jason Aldean standing with Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan
Jason Aldean standing with Blake Shelton (6 ft 4 in) and Luke Bryan (6 ft 1½ in)

No matter what you do, you're going to have people who have something to say about something you do. You can't please everybody.

~ Jason Aldean