Greg Davis Height

My dad, who had spent his life as a lecturer, said, 'That's all very well, but you need to earn a living, so why don't you teach?' I did, and 13 years later, I woke up.

~ Greg Davis

Famous comedian, actor, presenter, and writer, Greg Davis is known for his roles as Greg in “We Are Klang”, Mr. Gilbert in “The Inbetweeners”, Ken Thompson in “Cuckoo”, the Taskmaster in “Taskmaster”, Dan Davies in “Man Down”, and Paul Wickstead in “The Cleaner”.

About Greg Davis' Real and undisputed Height

Greg Davis is also known for his height -- he is one big dude.

There is Brad Garett in the US and then there is Greg Davis in the UK, and believe us – a 6 feet 8 inches tall Brad Garett has got nothing on Greg Davis.

Greg Davis once mentioned his height as 6 feet 8 inches and he certainly looks big enough for it.

Many people claim to be bigger than they really are but Greg is not one of them. Well, he is already so big, so we suppose he doesn’t feel the need to be even bigger.

Some similar-sized people to Greg Davis are Tyson Fury, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, etc.

The height of Greg Davis is

6 ft 8 in (203 cm)

Greg Davis standing with Joe Rogan and Kevin Hart
Greg Davis standing with small and smaller: Joe Rogan (5 ft 7 in) and Kevin Hart (5 ft 2½ in)

I have a terrible work ethic. The best way for me to do anything in life is for someone to say, 'You need to do this by this time, or you're in trouble'.

~ Greg Davis