Gayle King Height

We're all spending way too much of our time and energy trying to fight the stuff we can't change.

~ Gayle King

American television personality, author, and broadcast journalist for CBS News, Gayle King is best known for co-hosting its flagship morning program, CBS Mornings, and before that its predecessor CBS This Morning.

About Gayle King's Real Height

Gayle King is tall. She once mentioned her height as 5 feet 10 inches and we think she looked like it. She looked similar in height to women like Savannah Guthrie, Tyra Banks or Queen Latifah.

But not anymore. Gayle now looks shorter than she used to be. She is now close to her 70s. Most people her age do not lose height though the taller ones are sure more susceptible to it. 

Height loss happens due to the curvature and compression of the spine. Taller people get the worst of it because there is more space for compression between their spinal discs.

The height of Gayle King in her prime was

5 ft 9½ in (176 cm)

Her present height is

5 ft 8½ in (174 cm)

Gayle King mugshot
Gayle King

In the end, the truth always wins out. It always does, no matter how many times you tell a story that isn't true. In the end, the truth comes out. There's either video evidence or photographic evidence.

~ Gayle King