Eva Mendes Height

We shouldn't dwell on what is 'perfect.' We should celebrate our uniqueness.

~ Eva Mendes

Eva de la Caridad Méndez or simply Eva Mendes, is a famous actress, model, and fashion designer. She is known for her work in movies such as “Training Day”, “2 Fast 2 Furious”, “Hitch”, “Ghost Rider”, “The Place Beyond the Pines”, “Girl in Progress” and many others.

About Eva Mendes's Real Height

Eva Mendes once claimed to be 'only' 5 feet 6 inches tall and also added that she likes heels because it makes her legs look longer.

Despite her direct claim, you can find her height listed as low as 5'5" on the internet.

And you know what, there seems to be a good reason behind this. Eva Mendes is hardly any taller than Scarlett Johansson who is just 5 feet 3 inches tall.

From what we have seen of Eva Mendes, we think her real height is definitely closer to 5’5” after all. Some other similar-sized female celebrities as Eva Mednes are Halle Berry, Nina Dobrev, Jena Malone, etc.

The real height of Eva Mendes is

5 ft 5 in (165 cm)

Eva Mendes standing with April Ross and Scarlett Johansson
Eva Mendes standing with April Ross (6 ft 1 in) and Scarlett Johansson (5 ft 3 in)

Here are some more Eva Mendes quotes

Eva Mendes on her personality.

I'm a modern woman in the sense of I take care of myself, I'm fiercely independent, and I'm really ambitious. Yet I have these old-school thoughts in my mind.

On liars.

When people write lies about you, and you know that they are lies, that means that they don't know the truth.

On perfectionism.

Perfectionism is boring and doesn't exist-to strive for it makes you uninteresting.

On sweatpants.

You can't do sweatpants... ladies, the number one cause of divorce in America, sweatpants, no!

On being a woman.

I love every aspect of being a woman. I believe you should celebrate who you are.

For the art.

I'm not an exhibitionist. But, honestly, for my art I'll do anything almost. I'll go there.

On strong people.

I'm proud of people who have the determination and the fearlessness to actually go and face their demons and get better.

On growing as an actor.

I hope to never stop growing. I hope that with every role I play, I keep adding layers to my craft. I love acting and I study religiously with my coach.

People who persevere.

There's something very romantic to me about people who persevere, and who get told "no, no, no" on a daily basis, and still do it anyway.

On her kind of men.

I don't like my men to be too ornate. I like them to stand back and let their women shine, and they should really wear pants in the relationship.

Sex and violence.

I think it's so hypocritical to be so anti-nudity in films and be so pro-violence. I'd rather see two people making love, than somebody being done in. Or being shot and getting their head blown off.