Danielle Nicolet Height

American actress Danielle Nicolet is known for appearing in the TV series "3rd Rock from the Sun", "Second Time Around," “Heartland”, “The Starter Wife”, "Born Again Virgin", and "The Flash".

About Danielle Nicolet's Real Height

People are interested in knowing Danielle Nicolet’s height probably because of how tiny she looks most of the time.

The only time she doesn’t look that tiny is when she is standing next to Kevin Hart (precisely 5 ft 2½ in) – and indeed the height difference between them seems to be the ideal height difference between couples.

By the way, most websites on the internet list Danielle’s height as just 5 feet. From what we have seen of Danielle – we think she is far from the 5 feet mark – but perhaps not in the way you are thinking.

The real height of Danielle Nicolet is

4 ft 9½ in (146 cm)

Danielle Nicolet standing with Charlize Theron and Amy Schumer
Danielle Nicolet standing with some seriously big ladies: Charlize Theron (5 ft 10 in) and Amy Schumer (5 ft 7 in)