Cooper Kupp Height

Pushing through when times get difficult, perseverance. It's an important trait to have as an athlete, and as a human being in general.

~ Cooper Kupp

American football wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League (NFL).

About Cooper Kupp's Real Height

Cooper Kupp is certainly tall but not so much tall for the NFL, where the average height of a player is 6 feet 2.1 inches (188 cm).

Cooper’s official height is 6 feet 2 inches so you can say that Cooper has an ideal height for a football wide receiver. From what we have seen of Cooper we think he looks as tall as his official height (which is not the case always).

Anyway, Cooper's weight is 208 lb (94 kg) -- so he is a pretty hefty fellow but lightweight for NFL where the average weight is 245 lb (111 kg).

The real height of Cooper Kupp is

6 ft 2 in (188 cm)

Cooper Kupp standing in front of a height chart
Big Cooper Kupp

Cooper Kupp is a competitive athlete, so his quotes are worth it

Cooper Kupp on Perseverance.

If you have perseverance, you're going to be able to push through a lot of things into some really great areas.

On his approach.

Our approach to practice, I think, is paramount!

Enjoying the process.

There's no pressure to strive to succeed on anything. I get to step into every single day and just enjoy the process, enjoy every moment, just be fully who I am and not feel failure in any way, but just be able to pursue success - and know that whatever happens, it is what it is.

On his belief.

I have this firm belief that when I step on the field that I believe I'm the best player on the field, but I also believe that I'm not good enough yet. Because of that, I need to make sure that I'm striving to improve every aspect of my game.

On his goals.

I wanted to make sure before I went to bed that I'd see my list of goals and feel good when I put my head on the pillow that what I'd done that day was pointing toward achieving those things. I set them outrageously high because I wanted to have an outrageous work ethic about how I went about my day.