Bob Ross Height

Ever make mistakes in life? Let's make them birds. Yeah, they're birds now.

~ Bob Ross

Famous American painter, art instructor, and television host, Bob Ross left us when he was the most needed. He is remembered as the creator and host of The Joy of Painting.

Anyway, Bob still became wildly famous for his instructive painting videos.

About Bob Ross' Real Height

There is one to put this -- Bob Ross was tall.

How tall you would ask. Well, at least 6 feet 6 inches? Huh, without his Afro -- we don't know? About 6'4"? Without his shoes, well he must be at least 6'2"...

Bob must be because that's how IMDb and the rest of the internet list his height as well.

Anyway, Bob's son Steve Ross looked to be at least 4 inches taller than his father, so he must be really 6'6"...

The height of Bob Ross was

6 ft 2 in (188 cm)

Bob Ross mugshot
Big Bob Ross

It's the imperfections that make something beautiful, that's what makes it different and unique from everything else.

~ Bob Ross