Bill Burr Height

Turn inward and say to yourself "I'm just gonna do it". That mindset got me to where I am now.

~ Bill Burr

Great comedian, Bill Burr is known for his stand-up comedy specials, most notably “Why Do I Do This?”, “Let It Go”, “You People Are All the Same”, “Walk Your Way Out”, “Paper Tiger”, and many others. Bill is also known for his famous temper.

About Bill Burr's Big Height

Bill Burr is an average-sized man with ginormous feet.

Bill once mentioned his height as 5 feet 10 inches and we think he looks like it. So, he is around as tall as people like Daniel Craig, Matt Damon, or Colin Ferrell.

Bill may not like what we have to say about his shoe size so will not talk about it any further...

The height of Bill Burr is

5 ft 10 in (178 cm)

Bill Burr standing in front of a height chart
Big Bill Burr

Bill Burr is a great grouchy comedian, here are some of his great quotes

Bill Burr on why men make more money than women?

You know why men make more money than women? Because, in the unlikely event that we're both on the Titanic and it starts to sink, for some reason, you get to leave with the kids and I have to stay - that's why I get the dollar more an hour.

On [not] yelling.

To me this is not yelling. I am not yelling. I'm just passionate about my opinions and I want to tell you all of them before you start talking again.

On positivity.

Surround yourself with positive people. Also, be a positive person. Root for people. Somebody else's success is not your failure.

Who he loves and who he hates?

I love my dog. I hate bankers. I have issues with women. In my head, I’m a great guy.

Why he wanted to kill himself for?

I've never wanted to kill myself over anything major. It's always the little things that do me in.

The youngest 52 year old...

What would you rather be? 52 and look 52, or 52 and look like a 28-year-old lizard?

On his favorite humor.

My favorite kind of humor is basically, if it was happening to you, it wouldn't be funny, but to observe it, it's hilarious.

On his parents.

My parents have a ridiculous work ethic; my dad just works, works, works, works, works. I think it would be hard to find a guy who's logged more hours than that guy.

Sleeping on a futon when you're 30.

Realize that sleeping on a futon when you're 30 is not the worst thing. You know what's worse, sleeping in a king bed next to a wife you're not really in love with but for some reason you married, and you got a couple kids, and you got a job you hate. You'll be laying there fantasizing about sleeping on a futon. There's no risk when you go after a dream. There's a tremendous amount to risk to playing it safe.

On rich people.

Rich people never go to war. You ask a college kid to go to war, and he's like, 'Umm, I'm taking this sociology class, and I think war is, like, really stupid, and my roommate's, like, half Afghani, so it's going to cause some static.'

being a kid vs. adult

You're a kid, your whole life is awesome. It's awesome, right? You had no money, no ID, no cell phone, no nothing, no keys to the house. You just ran outside into the woods. You weren't scared of nothing. I challenge you to do that as an adult. All your IDs, all your credit cards - just run out of the house with no phone, turn the corner where you can't see your house, and  not have a full on panic attack.

On plagues.

We need a plague. It's gotta happen. And don't worry, it's only gonna kill the weak. Seriously. Put on a sweater, take some vitamins, you're gonna be fine! We gotta let mother nature do her thing, man. She keeps trying to help us out and we won't let her do it.