Xi Jinping Height

It was the greatest contribution towards the whole of human race, made by China, is to prevent its 1.3 billion people from hunger.

Supreme leader of China since 2012. Xi Jinping needs no further introduction, does he?

Inside Xi Jinping's Mysterious Height

Xi Jinping is tall for a Chinese man of his time. His official height is 5 feet 11 inches, which must have made him head and shoulders above the average Chinaman of his time (around 5'4" in 1975).

Perhaps his unusual height even played a role in his getting selected as the leader of the communist party because he stood out like a sore thumb from the rabble?

But is Xi really 5’11" as the communist party's propaganda machine tells us?

We took a really hard look at Xi and found that he looked around 2.25 to 2.5 inches shorter than a 6’1” Obama.

We also compared Xi’s height to other world leaders like Trudeau (6’1½”), Trump (around 6'½" at the time), Modi (5'7" in his prime), Kim Jong-Un (5'6½"), Putin (5'6½").

The result was the same – Xi certainly looks above the 5’10” mark even now. We must take into account that Xi, now close to his 70s, might very well have lost some height, so being 5 feet 11 inches height in his prime isn’t far-fetched at all.

The height of Xi Jinping in his prime was

5 ft 11 in (180 cm)

Xi Jinping standing with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump
Xi Jinping standing with 'lil' Vladimir Putin (5 ft 6½ in) and 'big' Donald Trump (6 ft 2 inch tall in his prime, a bit shorter now though)

Xi Jinping might really have the greatest poker face of all time. Here are some of his quotes that might help you understand who this man really is?

Xi on the greatest human virtue.

Happiness does not fall out of the blue and dreams will not come true by themselves. We need to be down-to-earth and work hard. We should uphold the idea that working hard is the most honorable, noblest, greatest, and most beautiful virtue.

On China.

Some foreigners with full bellies and nothing better to do engage in finger-pointing at us. First, China does not export revolution; second, it does not export famine and poverty; and third, it does not mess around with you. So what else is there to say?

On the internet.

The development of the Internet has posed new challenges to national sovereignty, security and development interests.


NBA games are exciting to watch and have global appeal. They are very popular in China. I do watch NBA games on television when I have time.

On sports and physical activities.

I like sports, and swimming is my favorite. Doing physical exercises keeps one fit and healthy and helps one work more efficiently. I think we all need to strike a balance between work and relaxation. This can keep us energetic and help us do our job better.