Tosca Musk Height

The biggest bit of advice that I've ever received, and something that I've seen and experienced, is that, 'You can fail, and that's OK - just keep going.'

African filmmaker, Tosca Musk is probably best known for belonging to the mighty Musk clan, whose exalted members include personage no less than Maye musk, Kimbal musk, and Elon the great Musk himself.

About Tosca Musk's Real Height

The Musk clan is a tall one. Maye Musk is tall and her sons are taller. Elon is almost 6’2” and Kimbal is 6’4”, now the question remains how tall Tosca is?

Well, you can find her height listed on the internet anywhere from 5’5” to even 6’4” (lol!).

That's why we took a good look at Tosca and now have come to the conclusion that like all Musks, Tosca is big as well. Though her thickness might be making her look short. Her true height must be around 5’8".

The real height of Tosca Musk is

5’8 in (173 cm)

Tosca Musk mugshot
Tosca Musk -- big girl from the mighty Musk clan

Without sounding patronizing, it does seem that our family is different from other people. We risk more.