Toby Stephens Height

Quite honestly, as long as I am working, can enjoy what I do, get on with it, and put bread on the table, I am really happy.

English actor, Toby Stephens has appeared in many movies in many countries but perhaps he is best known to casuals for playing the role of Bond villain Gustav Graves in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day.

About Toby Stephens' Real Height

Toby Stephens is of average height. By average we mean he is exactly as tall as the average height of men in the UK.

Though you can find his height listed as high as 5'11" or as low as 5’8½” on the internet.

After taking a good look at him (like with a 6’2” Pierce Brosnan), we think his real height is between those numbers.

This makes Tobey Stephens around as tall as Jason Statham and Tom Hardy -- though both of them are just 5'9".

The real height of Toby Stephens' is

5 ft 9½ in (176.5 cm)

Tobey Stephens mugshot
Tobey Stephens

Here are some more of Toby Stephens' quotes

Toby Stephens on Scotland.

I love Scotland, mainly for its landscape. I like walking, and it's a great place to go hiking.

What do actors really have?

As an actor, the only thing you have is your instinct and your imagination.

On actors.

Actors don't listen to each other. You're so obsessed with what you're saying or doing that the other person could be talking in Swahili and you wouldn't know.

After children.

Before children, it's kind of easy to be solipsistic - you and your wife are in this hermetic little thing, and your own desires, wants, needs, and tastes dictate your choices. Then, suddenly, all of that's gone.

On his home.

I am a Londoner and I love my home. There are many things about this country that drive me crazy, but when I am in America, I feel wrong there.

No beaches for Toby Stephens.

I'm fair-skinned, so beaches are a bit boring for me. I'm either smeared in lotion or under a shade. However, I do love the sea - diving, swimming, and snorkeling.

Learning from his children.

I've learned an enormous amount from my children. Mostly that my agenda isn't the most important thing in the world. For a while, I was trying to squeeze them into my life. And it was such torment! It makes you realize how selfish you are.

On the Humpback Trail of New Zealand.

The Humpback Trail on New Zealand's South Island is really beautiful. It is a 70 km walk over about four days and is fairly arduous. You go through prehistoric forests and up to the top of Humpback Mountain, where there are amazing views down to the Tasman Sea.