Tfue Height

American streamer, Turner Tenney better known online as Tfue, is best known for playing Fortnite.

About Tfue's Real Height

Tfue is certainly a tall guy but is he really 6'3" as he claims to be?

We guess not. Height exaggeration is common among celebrities, and what are YouTubers if not the modern self-made celebrities.

Anyway, from what we have seen of Tfue we think he looks a lot shorter than 6 feet 4 inches tall FaZe Banks, and even 6'2" Ninja Blevins. Tfue also looks only a bit taller than Ricegum, who is just 6 feet tall.

All of these height comparisons and some more have led us to believe that Tfue's real height is between 6 feet and 6 feet 1 inch -- certainly not anywhere near 6'3".

The real height of Tfue is

6 ft ½ in (184 cm)

Tfue mugshot
Big Turner Tenney aka Tfue